Week 03: Architect as archivist

This week I went to the archive of Royal National Institute of Blind (RNIB) in London in order to understand how an archive function in general. The archivist, Sean, has gone through his daily routine and responsibility in the ‘Vault’ which is the main archive. It is separated into different sections for different types and values of collections. Since there are no online catalog or any similar resource to access their collection, my perspective has changed into how an archive can work more effectively to an archivist in architect’s point of view.

Plan of RNIB Archive

First is to understand how the existing archive being organized and the work process for register a piece of the collection. RNIB archive collects different materials of the association itself, not only documents like annual reports but also artifacts like donation box and braille machines, etc. Therefore, the wide range of collection brings difficulties to the archivist in order to categorize.

Visualise a new workspace for an archivist

In order to construct a better space for an archivist, I suggest that there may have more flexibility of his work space where he can focus on a particular project or analyze the value of a document.  by adding different storage seats and folding tables inside the archive.

After crit
–  Can develop more into this topic and understand the differences between architect and archivist

What’s next
start to look into reading in different forms of an archive and how architect develop a new typology to collect memories
– Does memory need to physically exist? Can memory transform?

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