Tutorial 14/11- Socialism and/or Faith?

This week I’ve been fairly lost in how I want to develop the project. My original interests in faith at the start of this were not as relevant in Battersea as I’d originally thought being a largely Christian or non-religious population. As a result of this last week I developed an interest in the socialist history of Battersea at the turn of the 20th Century. This had come about after rapid population expansion post industrial revolution and I need for better social provision for the community. At the beginning of this week I felt these two interests were at odds with each other and I was having real difficulty consolidating them.


As a result production at this weeks tutorial was fairly poor and was fairly stressed. I essentially produced diagrams looking at 2 churches I visited in Battersea and mapping their services from sacred to secular in order to understand their role in the local community. I then mapped the municipal socialist provision in the early 1900s to understand how socialism, as an atheist ideology could fill the void of faith. Although most people in Battersea still attended church at that time there was a socialist Sunday school which evidently is breaching the line between socialism and faith culturally.





This ignited ideas on how the project could be developed as a project exploring the cultural role of Christianity. So much of the structure of British society is built around Christianity from the weekly day of rest, opportunities for interaction between people and social classes, holiday seasons etc. Modern multi-faith British society is therefore at odds with this. We no longer have a weekly activity at which people from different social groups meet and interact. Has this left a social void? Could the Christian social structure be re-orientated for a more inclusive, secular society whilst retaining its cultural symbolism of history?


Feedback from tutorial


  • Spatialise ideas- map places of faith, secular community spaces, parishes etc.
  • What provision in the community do places of faith provide?
  • Is it just he congregation that use the secular services or other members of the community?
  • Are certain parishes more active? Why?
  • Research post-revolution French secular calendar
  • Illuminated manuscripts- highlight specific moments? Illuminated for people who can’t read so could it be more refined to show different perspectives instead?

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