Archiving the False

This week I have been curating a collection of the false aspects to the Circus West development.


  1. The model

I developed a model to highlight the fact that the columns underneath the railway line are arbitrary. Using a piece of two way mirror, one can see either a reflection of the false environment that exists, or a window through to the imagined reality. This links back to my work with the memory room in which I used mirrors to show the invisible.

The model needs further development to create more of an impact when the mirror is backlit and allow what sits on the other side to become more apparent.


  1. The map

I created a map of the world highlighting the countries that are responsible for producing the various items on sale in the grocery store which claims to stock ‘locally sourced’ produce.


  1. The drawing

I was interested in how some elements of nature reclaim, on a small scale, the landscape they once inhabited. Weeds, moss and damp patches spoil the hard, clean surfaces of the new concourse. In researching how this might occur in section, I discovered the geological build-up of this part of London, indicating its history as a marshy area. I find it interesting to observe how we choose to ‘finish’ the surface of urban areas and hide what exists naturally.

geological section of Battersea ground

The research also highlights more unusual geographic changes resulting in pockets in the earth referred to as ‘scours’, caused by a river channel that no longer exists and leaves a gap in the earth to later be filled in by what sits above. Technologically, this affects the way in which large buildings must be constructed in this area with more regular use of piled foundations rather than strip.

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