Tuesday 14th

  • Tutorial
  • Feedback
  • Portfolio Research Post locations on Map using 1886 Parish leaflet- route to be followed
  • Mark up

Wednesday 15th

  • Battersea Trip
  • Walk South- West boundary- markers 70 -176
  • Markers 176- 12 not found but route walked

Thursday 16th

  • Walk North- East Boundary Markers -47- 70
  • Markers 1-47 not found

Friday 17th

  • Taxonomy of Boundary Points- printed photos and marked up locations on My Map.
  • Images Annotated on back- top trump cards- with location, parish leaflet description and number.

Saturday 18th

  • Download Digi Map for Battersea/ Clapham area
  • Research “Invisible Lines”
  • Find images for map overlay

Sunday 19th

  • Maps for Urban Analysis
  • Lines of Fact
  • Invisible lines
  • Spider Diagram to show links between thoughts/ precedents/ previous work

Monday 20th

  • Taxonomy development
  • Technology research- Elements of Venice REM -AA lecture online

Tuesday 21st

  • Taxonomy of the Parish???

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