Christmas Crit

For the crit I presented my concept drawing as discussed on Tuesday with small insert shelves and a boarder of each on my precedents which I then went to place into the main image through the presentation and preceded to discuss each precedent. I felt the image was successful as a narrative through the presentation and is something I’d like to build on. Narrative of presentation


  1. The role of Christian faith in British Society and the inter-relation between social structure and the Christian Faith.
  2. Archiving the structures created through the Christian faith in their relation to national history and identity but re-orientating them to become more embracing to multi-faith Britain.
  3. Void in society?
  4. Four pointers of faith’s role in society- community integration. Worship, Public Services (vestry council), Education (faith schools).
  5. Sunday Assembly– enables community integration based on the faith ritual of Sunday congregation. People attending that I spoke to discussed the idea of a social void being left by the absence of faith.
  6. Direct secular translation of a faith based ritual.
  7. Battersea– Maps of holy buildings in Battersea, secular functions and parishes. The form of Battersea has evolved through faith. 2011 census- 55.1% Christian 28.4% Non-religious how can existing structures respond to this.
  8. St Marks– Very active Parish church in Battersea through church and community centre. All activities run by church- they have control. Community brought into church in two ways. Congregation from wider Wandsworth/Lamsbeth area but secular functions generally used by direct congregation- new stance on Parish as an area of social provision. Calendar-very seasonal.
  9. Fresh Ground– Church of the Nazarene, not related to Parish. Less historic responsibility for social provision. Big on secular role with leasable spaces and coffee shop. Saw gap in the market for these kind of provisions. Reintegrating church into the daily rituals of society which is reflective in the weekly calendar.
  10. Proposal– Combine these two ideas- re-orientate the Parish as a more embracing community area for social provision.
  11. St George with St Andrew– Church was removed and now offers both a social and a physical void. Patmore Estate and 9 Elms Development within this Parish- how community be integrated and provided for socially. Can this be a faith building typology with proviso of social provision?


Thoughts of finishing presentation material:

  • Build on concept drawing- potentially incorporating ritual ideas into it. Miniature theatre design. Starts at large scale of generally role of Christianity and then more specially into site.
  • Explore idea of ritual more and how church can be re-inserted into daily ritual.
  • Reinforce research basis of theory ideas on faith in society.



  • What are the administrative roles of parishes as a spatial boundary- draw
  • Church related to council power structure- what roles are delegated? Draw
  • Draw up time based drawing of Church of St George and St Andrew. Removed and replaced to understand context. What caused church to be destroyed in first place?
  • Spatially what is your strategy to reveal how embedded church is in social structure of community? Even if it looses its religious function it still offers a social role. Visualise
  • Ideas of ritual in earlier work can preserve structures. Explore and be critical- Sunday Assembly.
  • Currently its all quite quantifiable- explore spatial element- provocative, atmospheric. Spatial properties other than this kind of mapping. Interactive drawing.
  • Role of church has changed- how we perceive less preachy more open.
  • Themes of community provision links back to Sunday Assembly. Void- strong link.
  • Stealthy church- in some contexts forceful and in others more hidden.
  • Find way to spatially show how the support systems in the church create links between person who helps fix garden etc and the church. Stay stealthy but more honest about it. Keep churches relevant. Spatial ways to expose what churches are trying to do.
  • What is architects role? Designing spaces but also infrastructures.
  • Secular or religious still open to debate as there is no church currently on site.
  • Church built from scratch today would look and behave very differently from ne in existence.
  • Kit of parts language in presentation- use to inform proposal?
  • What is a Parish now? Does a Mosque have a Parish? Research
  • Place to unify, refuge, security. Retain and Embody feelings. Multi-purpose? Multi-disciplinary.
  • Linear form of church calendars could be more interactive, and will be more helpful to figure out voids.
  • Make stuff more productive as design tools.
  • Site maps- add and subtract elements. More interactive.

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