5/12/17 Crit – Feedback / Moving on

Semester 1 – Crit – Slides Presentation

5-12 – Crit (reduced)


• What’s your understanding of ‘domesticity’? Is it about how the tenants performed their art collections? Maybe you could reinvent the meaning in of it.

• What’s my role in the project? Am I the curator? Or what?

• State in a clearer way the negative aspects of Reinham Hall

• Go and visit Dennis Severs House in London

• Nice models, but careful with all the white board – start using materials according to what I am trying to achieve

• New iteration of concept drawing model / theatrical stage / materiality

• Good use of the screen – it works well together with the models

• Nice pictures of the maps – maybe you could use the same effect light/shadow to start exploring the theatrical atmosphere that you want to give to each room?

• What role does the community have? Do they perform in the house? Or what? Are they involved in any way?

• Will the programme be educational or evocative? If it is educational, you might want to be more accurate about the structure and history of the house


In green what I am planning to do over Christmas!

Bullet points list of ‘things to do’ over the break:

• Test technical study through understanding the set stage design mechanisms / models? (look into Theatre Engineering and Stage Machinery by Toshiro Ogawa) – things to be considered: light, mechanisms and logistic (+ costumes?) 

• Photograph models focusing on the concept of light/dark to hide or reveal certain aspects of OBH’s history

• Make a pictures montage (using the concept model done for the crit) to express the idea of a ‘house within a house’ through ‘a theatrical staging’

• Timetable of domestic day per each tenant. How do they overlap? CLARIFY WHAT I MEAN FOR DOMESTICITY!

• Make Reinham Hall drawing clearer

• Dennis Severs House drawing (visit booked for 12/01/18 at 5:00PM)

• Drawing to record my ‘fake identity’ when going to OBH

• Define the programme of OBH: educational or evocative? Or both? Make a second iteration of the first concept drawing also considering different materiality (include characters/art collections/spatial use + theatrical mechanism testing + community interaction)

• Physical layering of the house (axo?) to allow me for a more dramatic intervention (‘unmaking’ as another act of theatre)

• Visit La Pergola theatre in Florence to understand what happens behind the stage/mechanism. How do scenes change?


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