Nature Reclaims the Site

This animation is an archive artefact depicting nature reclaiming the site. The drawing questions how the Circus West Development supresses nature by covering the area in paving stones. The only natural plants that exist here are in two patches, minuscule in comparison to the size of the area, or in planters, carefully manicured and unnatural….

Peeling Back The Surface

An additional piece to my archive indicating that many of the surfaces around the development aren’t what they seem. What appears to be brick is, in fact, a cladding system over a steel and concrete structure. This model suggests how we could peel back the surface of a building and reveal a true structure underneath….

Concept Model

This piece acts as my concept drawing. Looking through into the box we view a colourful scene of Circus West Village. We see children playing in the fountains, as is advertised in the development’s promotional material, and the local store selling home grown produce. By inserting a mirror into the box, a new scene is…

Thought Process

I returned to site and spoke to a woman who works in the Village Hall as part of a pop-up cinema. She was quite cynical about the development and, unprompted commented on aspects which I have been archiving within my project. Her opinions: The village hall is nothing like ones she’s used to. Here, they…