Archiving An Action// Week -1

Over the Christmas break I focused on the process of archive actions lost through time. I focused on the dormant objects left behind and how they provide clues to elements of shared heritage, now lost. I am interested in how the archive can add context and reawaken objects that are alien to our daily lives; how can a virtual composition of experiences trigger memories of associated actions through time.

The aim of archiving actions is to add an additional perspective of forgotten elements beyond the 2D photographs hidden in Wandsworth Heritage Centre; I aim to add a more visually stimulating context to the lost actions to increase awareness of heritage and add a new perspective to Battersea.

Archiving the Beating of the Bounds has proved difficult as the action predates video recording and therefore I have been reliant on photographs and literature to visualise the process of the ceremony. The lack of recorded material surrounding the ceremony emphasises the importance of depicting the associated actions to prevent the whole ceremony being lost in time and therefore further removed from actions in society today.

Similarly to my week 3 experimentation, I have used the format of a GIF to replicate the potential actions surrounding key boundary markers. The continuous sequential nature of the GIF allows the viewer to appreciate the action and forms a simplified version of what could not be captured on film between 1867-1930.

Archive GIF capturing children playing in drinking fountain puddles
GIF featuring the Beating of the Bounds Ceremony, 1892 and 1934


The process of archiving the Beating of the Bounds Ceremony with interaction with current spatial uses of Wandsworth Common


I have come to realise that a ceremony is more than a movement and the action requires more than a visual response; I have found that what the GIFs lack are further context. The lack of audio interpretation hinders the understanding of the ceremony to some degree and I anticipate other sensorial experiences are neglected too. To continue the study of archiving the action of the Ceremony I intend to stage and document my own Beating of the Bounds procession to collate further information to aid my archiving process.

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