Cross Review 30/01/18


  • Reflections


Next round, flip the order of presentation and start with proposal?

Better integrate earlier work on Memory Room etc.

  • Work towards compiling a collective memory of site

Projected development of the area?

  • Pedestrian streetscape upgrade
  • Improved lighting along Ravenet Street arches to council estates
  • Go back to site and find out about furniture showroom and car rental lot

Explore video making to show dynamic layers of site, way to incorporate design intervention (devices) into it.

More site diagrams to speed up explanation/presentation on site.

What regeneration could or should be, based on your historical research and not repeating the mistakes of the past.

Your definition on sustainability. Maximize site to serve wider scope of users.

Using these historical infrastructure networks to bring meaning to what community use to mean – collaboration, survival,.. but fragmented today by the way we live in cities. A way to tie people back to place again.

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