Plan for the next three weeks

Week 13/02

• Figure out what happens in each room of the GF – what is the story that I want tell and how is it expressed through architecture?

• Make drawings of it (take inspiration from the book ‘Here’ – maybe drawings layer on top of each other showing the progression of time?)

• Draw existing plans of Old Batteresea House + current ones from the agency (showing it has been added)

• Find out about the listing data (Historic England + planning portal)

• La Maison De Verre analysis

• Visit to Theatre Royal (Friday 16th)

Week 20/02

•Add first floor to the model (think about how the floor would work when ‘making a hole’ to let the objects going through – start exploring!)

• Tech details inspiration (how will the mechanics work within the house?) (find a drawing that I like + start drawing a 1:5 detail as an explanation of parts of the drawing or model)

• 1:20 section of existing (showing construction/materiality)



Week 27/02

• Start drawing a section top to bottom exploring the new technology within the existing (tech and design)

• Draw Theatre Royal experience (what did I learn from it)

• Finish 3D model

• Axo of the house (showing listed elements vs not listed)



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