Archiving the Senses: Rehabilitating Ex-offenders

As a typology, the archive is traditionally static and collects the past, and our brief aims to challenge this to make this space much more interactive, dynamic and embedded within the present

What are you archiving?

  • Each of the 5 senses within each of the 5 proposed sites

How is your archive experienced?

  • Physically through architectural interventions that create a route from HMP Wandsworth to Battersea Power Station

What are the strategies to add to this archive over time?

  • Beginning to layer a wider range of senses over time within each archive (phasing) or reduce depending on the requirements
  • Linking the each sense/site to one another (i.e. the sounds for the chamber within the prison could be fed from sounds from the Workshop space or Power Station
  • Possibly allowing for future senses to be added from each ex-offender to add to the archive their own experience


How does your archive start to relate Battersea’s past to its present?

  • The possibility of past senses such as soundscapes or scents linking to present senses
  • By making use of existing structures/buildings (past) and adding a new layer (present) in terms of design proposal

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