I’ve been creating some collages of activities in the churches that could potentially reposition the church in the community. The idea is really just to push the programme further and to create a timetable and calendar of what happens in each space to design my interventions around. I started by thinking of activities that could enhance or utilise the atmospheric qualities of the spaces (light/acoustic/proportions of space).


St Saviours


As this church is sat on the wealth divide boundary on Battersea Park Road I wanted this to function as a community integrator. I looked at using it as a cafe, event space and childcare. I think the most interesting would be to utilise the space for its acoustic properties. I like the idea of creating a community radio station which could also be used as a venue and recording space for other events. The physical insertion could work to manipulate the acoustics of the space for different requirements whilst also potentially maximising seating if its above. Community radio station would also work in line with the research I’ve done on the role of churches and religious institutions as grassroots activists, theres also much research on radio as a way of creating open discourse for social benefit.



Radio/recording studio
Jungle Gym

St Georges

This church is entirely unused during the week. Within these collages I started firstly looking at general functions that would help the community as its located in such a impoverished estate. Looking at the idea of a child care co-operative, job courses, careers fairs which would respond to the research I’ve done on the area. I then began looking at how it could be utilised throughout the calendar possible using it for these more atmospheric requirements. One idea was a valentines speed dating, bit of a joke┬ábut it is adapting these spatial qualities within sacred buildings and utilising or enhancing them in different ways. As such the intervention should enable these functions through adapting and manipulating the spaces.

classes and courses
valenines dating
women’s clinic

All Saints


As All Saints is already the most used of all due to its adaptability, what it lacks is the more atmospheric qualities of the other two churches. Therefore can this be enhanced in some way? I began to look at functions through the collages I was creating and then manipulating the building around them to enhance verticality and material composition to see the effects. Possibly this intervention is more physical intervention with the existing.

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The interventions in all the spaces need to respond through the weekly routine and then beyond this within the annual calendar when the network and provision that they enable become apparent. Next step is both to start designing the interventions for each church- what is required for each? How will the spaces be divided? whilst simultaneously working the different events into the timetable and calendar.

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