Brewery: Tap Social Movement 

Local Brewery in Botley, Oxford. Used as a method for rehabilitation and provide community events e.g. live music

Host different works of art from current and ex-offenders:



They also have an upstairs cafe which is open in the daytime 9:30-4pm Mon-Fri | bar is open 4-11 pm Thurs-Sat

Brewery size dictates the amount they can take on, currently have 5 tanks for brewing.

Currently all offenders come from HMP Spring Hill (Cat D just outside of Oxford):

  • 2 ex-offenders in full time employment that have finished their sentence.
  • 2 in training and still serving sentences.

Those in training can’t work behind the bar.

Generally positive feedback allround but still a minority that can’t understand how they can be working with alcohol.


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