Phone Interview: Ex-Offender

Carl Cattermole | Wrote HMP A Survival Guide | served sentence (partially in Wandsworth)

His Book:
Interview with Vice:
Note: Quotes have been paraphrased in some instances
  • Prison system doesn’t prepare you for life after, no housing, no employment, I received no help
  • Prison is bad for the individual (being sent to prison) and the taxpayer; it costs more to send and keep someone in prison than to send them to Eton, imagine if this funding was available for an inmate in their childhood the outcome would be different
  • People that come from impoverished backgrounds, especially ethnic minorities in these areas have it hard.
  • Moving inmates between prisons is incredibly damaging, the toll on not being able to contact or communicate with family and friends is overlooked.
  • Those who create justice law policies are those who are detached from reality, they do not know the mentality or what it’s like to come from these backgrounds.
  • The trauma that prison creates can’t be explained that simply to those who haven’t experience it
  • Ideally no prison and sufficient help/therapy for the worst offenders such as domestic violence offenders talking about where the violence stems from, with courses leading to rehabilitation
  • Rehabilitation sums up a lot of different things and means something different to someone like a drug addict or a sex offender, being de-institutionalised falls under it


In regards to my proposal:

Yeah, there’s no reason why this wouldn’t work, but firstly and foremost not being sent to prison/ no prisons (institutions) to begin with would be the greatest solution.

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