Lost Art

The ‘Gallery of Lost Art’ is a collection of art that no longer exists or decays etc. It can be found here with videos and texts produced by the Tate and Channel4.: http://galleryoflostart.com/ There are many of the artist and architects that have been mentioned in the tutorials such as Racheal Whiteread and Lucian Frued….


Time-based drawings – some examples

Here are some examples of time-based drawings as each of you prepare your versions specific to your ongoing investigations and proposals for Dungeness. These are some historic examples we showed last year: http://ds7.osa.digital/index.php/2015/09/23/representing-time-some-historical-examples/ and some contemporary examples: http://ds7.osa.digital/index.php/2015/09/25/representing-time-some-contemporary-examples/ (you can click on them to view them at a larger scale. These are some examples from student projects: And…

Frontieres – Architecture between the sacred and profane (Transylvania) Pt.1

*** The interview presented for this workshop comes as a reflection on the extensive body of research on the topic of dwelling and habitation, authored by ethnographer and museum curator Maria Lobonţ-Puşcaş. Conducted in the North-West of Transylvania, a place of threshold par excellence, it analyses the material and spiritual creation of Romanian rustic architecture,…


Fischli/ Weiss: Rock on top of another Rock

Charles sent me this video a few weeks ago and its interesting in the technical principles that it demonstrates as well as how ARUP used 3d scanning to figure out a structural solution for this artwork: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_v0CO7p7eT4&feature=youtu.be Could be useful for Sam’s project in terms of stacking objects on top of one another to form a totem/ monument? This…